Dating online: tips and tricks to seduce a woman online

Even though dating sites like NRJ Chat Gratuit are great platforms for exchanges and dating, it is sometimes difficult to seduce online. The codes of seduction on the Internet are not necessarily those of real life. Also, for a person who is not familiar with this universe, it can be difficult to seduce the coveted woman. With these tips and tricks of Net Dating Assistant, your meetings on the Net should be much better …

Dating on the Internet: understanding women to better seduce them

In real life, women are often accosted and, despite these encounters, they find it difficult to find the man of their dreams. By registering on dating sites, women seek to assert themselves and to be active in the process of seduction. It is important that you do not lose sight of it. Also, let yourself be approached by women but keep a critical mind to speak only with those that really interest you.
Optimize your online dating: seduce only the most beautiful women!

Pretty women are very busy, so seducing them is a challenge because the competition is tough. Contact first and foremost the pretty women registered recently, they may not be submerged in emails, and prefer active profiles. Take the habit of adding pretty women among your favorites. Tired of receiving hundreds of emails a day, they will remove their photo and you will be the only one to know that a pretty woman hides under the profile without a photo.

Online seduction: some tips for your meetings online

Beware of too beautiful pictures, it can be a spam. The pretty women sometimes hide, but still prefer the profiles with photo to avoid unpleasant surprises. Give equal importance to all the women you talk to. In case of disappointment, you can continue calmly to find a woman who suits you. If a woman visits your profile and you like, send him an email, something he likes in you so do not hesitate.
Romantic or direct: what method of seduction to choose for your online dating?

It’s a choice that belongs to you and depends on your personality. The romantic method is suitable for patient people, the direct method for others. Do not forget to take into account your interlocutor to adapt your attitude according to his. Once you have chosen the method, you must stick to it and be sure of yourself. Your interlocutor is registered on a dating site, she is in demand, you must present yourself as a challenge for her.

Best Sites for Online Dating


You have certainly seen the TV ad. eDarling is the dating site for singles looking for love, the real thing. This application is the opposite of the values ​​transmitted by Tinder for example.

Whether on the web version or in the application, eDarling proposes to create lasting relationships. A complete questionnaire about your tastes, your passions, your values ​​is proposed at launch. The filtering is then of quality and you meet profiles which correspond rather well to your criteria.

This “philosophy” centered on the tastes of each and not necessarily on the physical allows to create real relationships. The app appeals especially to the quadra more able to look for stability. The youngest are more fond of Tinder and others for more ephemeral encounters.


Once is an application made in France really very original. It goes against what can be found today with solutions like Tinder, Adopteunmec or Happn. The idea here is to do slow dating, meetings where you take your time.

Thus, the user will communicate his tastes, what he seeks, what he likes, and according to his criteria a team of about fifty people will look for all profiles that meet his expectations. But not all will be communicated at once.

Once will offer a profile per day. And the user will have 24 hours to get to know each other. Over time, the application will ask you to expand your tastes to provide profiles always closer to what you are looking for.

In itself the concept is excellent for those who are tired of having the impression of shopping on other applications. Here the approach is softer, more humane. But the problem is that too many features are paying off. For example, to be able to chat with a profile that interests us you have to pay, but you do not see the picture of the person in question before paying. Pity. But Once is really worth trying.


For gay dating, that’s not the choice either, but a name always comes back, Grindr. The first interest of the app is the geolocation, the second interest of the app is the mind-blowing amount of men connected permanently, wherever you are on earth.

With Grindr, we are on the meeting in general very punctual. As always, we will find people seeking great love, but the positioning of the cult application is to allow the direct meeting and one evening, or why not more, but rather carnal oriented than romantic encounter.

For those girls who are looking for damsels, it is said that the female equivalent of Grinder is the application Brenda, but the opinions consider that the service is not of the same quality, especially in number of people. Probably because Grindr is an application of men, we are hardly surprised.


Parship is one of his companies that wants to create effective dating algorithms. The site highlights his collaboration with a graduate psychologist. Parship offers a questionnaire designed to bring people together by psychological compatibility. According to Dr. Schmale, the algorithm is based on behavioral and psychoanalytic theories.

Thus, it is argued that the compatibility test is the result of 30 years of research on romantic relationships and analyzing more than 80,000 people. When completing the questionnaire, 80 questions are answered, assessing 30 criteria related to the relationship. At the end of this test, you have a mathematized profile that can be compared to the mathematical profiles of the people in front of you. We believe it or not, but the site has the merit of trying a rational approach.


Well, this one puts it but we must admit that it is not very very cool. Indeed Gleeden is a dating application specialized in extramarital affairs. Basically, if you want to deceive your beloved, this is where it happens.
For the rest, it’s rather classic, we find all the features that exist on other applications. The only difference is that everything is done in all discretion. The video presentation is at least “amazing”. Oh yes, again it will pay to improve the experience.

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