The Rise of M-Commerce: Mobile Shopping

While e-merchants are now seeing a steady rise in mobile traffic, the share of orders placed on this channel remains well below the desktop. Brands face a real challenge in terms of increasing conversion rates and revenue per mobile visitor.

What Is M-commerce and What Is Its Future?

A large majority of retailers have not yet succeeded in providing a convincing online shopping experience on mobile and by the time the mobile exceeds the desktop on just about all metrics it is a huge shortfall to win for marks.

The fact is that the mobile is a channel mainly dedicated to the discovery of products. The e-merchants try to answer to this problem by perfecting the search like the Amazon. However, most mobile visitors do not know exactly what they are looking for and are rather looking for inspiration.

This is the reason why social networks now canibalize an important part of this phase of product discovery. It is essential that brands regain control over this phase of discovery, bringing it back within their walls.

This is essentially the challenge of Qubit, the UK leader in marketing customization, announcing at HUBFORUM the launch of its new mobile solution.

Qubit Aura, a product discovery solution, evolves on an existing mobile site and, through customization based on artificial intelligence, modifies the products that the user will see, according to his behavior and preferences.

By activating Qubit Aura, a new interface is displayed on the existing mobile site, offering the possibility of switching between discovery, navigation and purchase, all of which are powered by data and Machine Learning technologies unique experience to each user by organizing the products according to interests and behaviors. The UX has also been specially developed to help overcome the limitations of a small screen. Qubit Aura adapts quickly, providing individualized experiences in real time based on their actions and preferences.

Since the announcement of Qubit Aura’s exclusive beta in July, the company has worked with some 20 companies, including Diane von Furstenberg, Wolf & Badger and ColorPop.

“Customization starts with product discovery and our beta results show that if you can improve this, you can increase your revenue,” said Graham Cooke, Qubit’s CEO. “E-merchants can thus create more relevance while differentiating themselves from giants like Amazon, with an emphasis on experience and product discovery. For companies that seek to refocus on the customer through customization, Qubit Aura is a tangible, easy-to-use and fast-to-implement solution that will make the mobile experience unique for every visitor. ”

Qubit Aura is available today in England and the United States.

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